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Strategic Partnership with Leading Animal Health Company in South Asia Will Expand Market Reach

Winnipeg, Manitoba – TheNewswire – August 15, 2023 – Cytophage Technologies Inc., a Canadian biotechnology company that produces bacteriophages (the “Company”), is excited to announce its distribution agreement with a leading animal health company in South Asia. This collaboration aims to expand Cytophage’s market reach and accelerate growth in the thriving South Asian market.

The distribution company is one of the leading pharmaceutical and animal health companies in its home region in South Asia.   Their extensive market knowledge, consumer network and commitment to excellence align well with Cytophage’s vision and goals.

The initial product for distribution will be Cytophage’s FARMPHAGETM formulation for the poultry industry, with more animal health bacteriophage products to follow.   The distribution company has identified four initial target countries in South Asia with a cumulative population of approximately 275 million people, a footprint which also represents annual production of over 2 billion broiler chickens. By partnering with this leading distribution company, Cytophage gains access to an extensive distribution network, enabling the company to reach new consumers and strengthen its position in South Asia. The partnership will enhance the availability and accessibility of Cytophage products, catering to the changing demands and diverse needs of farmers in the region.  

After our successful local 35-day trial with broiler chickens, we are ready to embark on this strategic partnership with one of the leading animal health companies in South Asia,” said Cytophage’s CEO, Dr. Steven Theriault. “Their knowledge of the South Asia market and established distribution channels will play a vital role in expanding our market presence and better serve our consumers in the region. We look forward to a successful collaboration that will drive mutual growth and create long-term value.”

The agreement between Cytophage and its partner distribution company is effective immediately, with both companies eager to commence joint operations and generate sales before the end of the year.

About Cytophage

Cytophage is a leading-edge Canadian biotechnology company that uses advanced molecular genetic techniques and synthetic biology to create highly effective bacteriophages to address bacterial challenges affecting animal health, human health, and food security.   Bacteriophages are viruses that have evolved to specifically target and destroy strictly bacterial cells and are safe for humans, animals, and plants. To combat dangerous bacteria, Cytophage generates customized phages to address specific bacterial infections, including strains resistant to antibiotics.  Cytophage has also recently developed a ‘phage-display’ methodology to develop vaccine-like products using bacteriophages for a number of potential applications in human and animal health.  

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